Krúdy Gyula Foundation

On the day of the writer's birthday - 21 October - the Krúdy Gyula Foundation (going to be registered in the nearest future) had been established officially.

Objectives of the Foundation are defined as follows:

Collecting and digitizing all documents concerning Gyula Krúdy - the writer and the man, - irrespective of their carrier.
Registering, digitizing or promoting the digitalization of documents existing already in different institutions (domestic or foreign).
Assistance in the different ways of publication of registered and explored documents or publishing them.
Organizing cultural and professional programs, espousing initiatives concerning Gyula Krúdy, bringing them into notoriety.
Making the activity of man working on the writer's life-work well-known.


Iván Funk

Members of the Foundation's Board of Trustees:

Gábor Csíky (president)
Éva Fürth
Gyula Munkácsy

This homepage is the official homepage of the Foundation.

Questions, advice and help are expected to the following address:
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